1.    The council shall be called ‘St. Bernadette’s Parish Pastoral Council’.

2.    A council is a group of people which is representative of the parish community as a whole and     whose purpose is to promote the mission of the Church, instituted by Jesus Christ, in St. Bernadette’s Parish.

The council is a consultative group whose function is to work co-responsibly with the priest of the parish in designing ways and means by which the parish can best fulfil the mission of Jesus Christ.

3.    The Parish Priest shall be a member of the council by virtue of his office.

The Parish Priest shall recommend the co-option of additional members from the parish community on to the council in order to enhance its representative character, or because of their experience and/or expertise.

4.    The Parish Priest shall be President of the council.

The Chairperson and Secretary shall be elected by the members and shall remain in office for an agreed term.

The council shall have a term of office.

No elected or co-opted member shall serve more than two consecutive terms, if possible, but shall be eligible for membership subsequently.

5.    The normal schedule of meetings shall be agreed annually.

The Parish Priest, the Chairperson and Secretary of the council are responsible for convening meetings and compiling the agenda. All members may contribute items to the agenda.

The completed agenda, and minutes of the previous meeting,will be circulated at least one week before the meeting.

6.    A quorum for a meeting shall be one more than half of the total membership of the council.

7.    Decisions of the council on any issue shall be arrived at through discerning the will of the Holy Spirit and by consensus.

8.    The Parish Priest, as President of the council, may convene and chair an extraordinary meeting should he consider it necessary.

9.    The Constitution may be amended by the council with the approval of the Bishop.

Parish Mission Statement

We the Parish of St. Bernadette, inspired by the Gospel, seek to give witness to God's word. In so doing we will strive to enhance the Spiritual, Pastoral and Community life within the Parish, enabling all parishioners to grow in their relationship with God and with one another.

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