March 16th, 2022

At this time in the Catholic Church all over the world, Pope Francis is calling for a period of listening in preparation for a gathering, known as a synod. The synod will take place in Rome in 2023. Synods have long been a tradition in the Church and, while in the past it has typically been Bishops who got involved in synods, this time Pope Francis wants all of us, you and I, to become involved. Pope Francis is asking us to listen to each other and share our experiences of the Church. This will be happening across the world and is a global exercise in listening to each other and listening to the Holy Spirit as we do so.

Recently you received a postcard in the church. Cards are still available to collect at the back of the church. On your postcard you will see four questions that ask you about your experience of the Church and ask for your thoughts and ideas for the future.

Some people will want things to change and others will want things to stay the same. It’s important to remember there are no right or wrong answers. This is about your experience of the Church and your ideas for the future. We would ask that you think about the questions, pray about them, discuss them perhaps at home, and submit a response. This will allow your voice to be heard.

Completed postcards should be returned by Sunday 27th March to allow the information to be gathered and fed back into the diocese. There is a box available at the front of the church (at Our Lady’s shrine) for you to return your postcard. Alternatively, it is now also possible to submit your feedback directly to the Living Church Office using their on-line questionnaire. See

Pope Francis’ goal is to encourage us to listen to the Holy Spirit as well as listening to one another. It is quite an ambitious task and quite a journey we are about to go on, but, as with all journeys, it begins with small, first steps. We are now taking our small, first steps into the Synod. May God bless us all as we set out together.

Parish Mission Statement

We the Parish of St. Bernadette, inspired by the Gospel, seek to give witness to God's word. In so doing we will strive to enhance the Spiritual, Pastoral and Community life within the Parish, enabling all parishioners to grow in their relationship with God and with one another.

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